Our History

Dr G. Govender (Jeff) graduated with MBChB (medical degree) in 1981 at the University of Natal’s Medical School in Durban. He decided to complete his internship at Livingstone Hospital in Port Elizabeth, after which he started work as a GP (family doctor) on 1 July 1983 at Dr Solly Bemath’s surgeries in Zimdahl Street, Gelvandale, Port Elizabeth and 3rd Avenue, Windvogel, Port Elizabeth.

On 1 January 1986 Dr Govender took ownership of the practice in Zimdahl St. In 2005-2006 he purchased the old buildings in Springbok Street, Gelvandale and developed it into the current Famhealth Medipark.

Building Commenced in February 2008 and Famhealth Medipark was opened with a launch on 29 November 2008. The initial conceptualisation of a multi-disciplinary healthcare centre took place in 2006, and later incorporated non-healthcare businesses.

Building commenced on 28 January 2008 and launch took place on 29 November 2008.

Our Goals & Objectives

Famhealth’s vision is to provide the best possible healthcare services in the heart of a healthy, peaceful and prosperous community.

To provide comprehensive team-based healthcare services that is primary healthcare focused.

To implement community education and upliftment programs.

To contribute towards making our communities safer to live and work in.

To develop our employees.

To encourage further investment in our communities.

To foster value-adding partnerships with like-minded organisations.

Our Principles

Investing in community – material and otherwise.

Community empowerment.

Economic growth.

Self-sustaining communities.

Bringing services into the community.

Community building, from the bottom up.

Sustainable programs.