Caregiver Training

Hope Foundation-Famhealth/NMMU Home-based Caregiver Training: have trained caregivers since August 2010. Hope Foundation is a non-profit community based organisation.

Caregivers look after the sick and elderly at home and in old age homes. Many of them have secured work in the healthcare as well as in outside of the healthcare industry. Some of them have even registered for nursing degrees.

Training is conducted by Sister Gwendoline Jacobs

NMU provides a free computer literacy course to the Caregivers at the NMU/Famhealth Computer Centre.

Formal graduations are held at Famhealth with the Caregivers’ family and friends present.

Our Goals

To empower and educate.

To increase employability.

To contribute to a culture of caring.

To support the healthcare system.

Fee for 2017 - R350.00 (4 days theory and 1 month practicals)