NAPDI’s formation owes it genesis to various community-level conversations driven by concerned residents during 2007-2008. 

Participants at various structured sessions / forums registered concerns at issues relating to increasing frustration with regards service delivery, social disintegration, increasingly higher levels of unemployment, perceived political marginalization of the area from the political processes.

Additionally, concerns about drug abuse by youth, the increasing hold of organised drug and crime syndicates on community life, high drop-op out rates amongst learners at school contextualized a youth population at great risk. Given the need for solid educational and health basics a perception exists that this is being compromised by poor leadership within departments of education and health .The lack of proactive leadership across 240 000 strong diverse residents increase the need for dedicated intervention.

NAPDI is an independent, public benefit, non-political, civil-society organization with a mandate to address the developmental needs in the northern suburbs of Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, an area covering eleven municipal wards and forty four neighborhoods and representing over 240 000 residents.

NAPDI does so by creating platforms for civic engagement and promoting socio-economic development in the area and through lobbying, advocacy and being an enabler of community empowerment, contributes to collective action and considered interventions/projects that benefits the community.

In summary NAPDI’s Vision is articulated as: - “To co-create a renewed and caring civil society through volunteerism that works” .

The organization articulated it Mission as follows:

A Voice in the community…by creating platforms for honest progressive discussions and against social justice mandate.

An Enabler of community empowerment… support initiatives and projects that live the values of engaged citizenship and skills transfer.

A Mobilizer of people and resources…promoting and lobbying for resources and people to be at the centre of community development.

A Catalyst for systemic change…working with and through communities to effect sustainable social change

    The Trustees

Isaac Metembo
DOE District Head Lead Support

Michael Barry
NMMU Head of Arts & Culture

Paul Geswindt
NMMU Director of Alumni Relations

Dr Govindsamy Govender (Jeff)
Medical Practitioner

From left: Talitha Thomas and Rhoda Scholtz